Jan. 3 – Wilderness Committee: Tria Donaldson

5 01 2011

Tria Donaldson from the Wilderness Committee comes into the studio to talk about Fish Farming in BC. If your looking for some more information on the subject, she delivers the facts!


Dec. 20 – Stephen Hume: “A Walk with Rainy Sisters”

5 01 2011

Stephen Hume, award-winning Canadian author and professor at the University of Victoria discusses his new book “A Walk with Rainy Sisters.” A lyrical portrait of British Columbia and its people, Stephen offers insights into his vast knowledge of BC’s history and geography.

Dec. 13 – 101 Places Every Vancouver Islander Must See & Rural Indian Farming

5 01 2011

I sat down with Peter Grant, author of “101 Places Every Vancouver Island Must See.” Peter described the many beauties of the island, and the rich history many are unaware of.

Soumya Natarajan does an interview on the effects of multinational agribusiness on rural Indian farmers.

Dec. 6 – Chinese Communist Propaganda Posters & the Zero Waste Movement in Victoria BC

5 01 2011

This week I will sit down with the Victoria Art Gallery’s Asian Curator, Berry Till. Berry is displaying an exhibit on Chinese propaganda posters, which he collected while studying in China during the Cultural Revolution. The posters give a clear insight into the Communist regime under Mao.

The talented Soumya Natarajan will air a segment on the Zero Waste Movement in Victoria BC.

Nov. 29 – Lee Taylor: Deep-sea Saturation Diver

5 01 2011

For 15 years Lee Taylor was employed as a deep-sea saturation diver. Diving to depths as deep as 700 ft under water, Lee worked around the world on off-shore oil rigs and other major aquatic industrial projects. Lee describes what is considered by many as one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and gives some valuable insights into the global oil industry, as well as the recent disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nov. 22 – Derrick Jensen, “Endgame” author

5 01 2011

Described by many as the philosopher poet of the environmental movement, Derrick Jensen has written over 15 books including: A Language Older than Words, What We Leave Behind, and Endgame. On Nov. 22 we will talk about civilizations impact on the environment, as well as many other issues included in “Endgame.”

Nov. 15 – Clover Point Drifters & Jenny Spring

4 01 2011

This week I’ll be talking to Alan Law from the Clover Point Drifters. Coming out with their new album, “#2 Unplugged,” this bluegrass band is sure to get your feet moving. Alan discusses the begginnings of bluegrass as well as some of the finer points of the album

Jenny Spring is a volunteer parent educator in Victoria B.C.  We sat down and talked about raising kids in an era where communication devices are everywhere, and how limiting kids exposure can be a difficult task.