Feb. 14 – George Chuvalo – Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion – Fight Against Drugs Campaign

23 02 2011

George Chuvalo was Canada’s heavyweight boxing champion for over 20 years during the 60’s and 70’s. He was regularly ranked in the top 10 in the world, and fought the likes of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, and Jerry Quarry. George was never knocked to the mat once in his 93 professional fights, and is considered by many to have the toughest chin in boxing history.

After retiring from boxing his life took a tragic turn. He lost 3 of his 4 sons to drugs, and a wife as well. He now tours Canada giving talks to high school and elementary school kids about the consequences that only a few bad decisions can have. We got together over the phone and talked about his Fight Against Drugs Campaign.


Feb. 7th – Elizabeth May – Leader of the Green Party of Canada

1 02 2011

What changed from Copenhagen to Cancun?

I talk to Elizabeth May about what happened at COP 16 in Cancun last December. With environmentalists feeling low about the outcome of COP 15 in Copenhagen, expectations for Cancun were not very high. As the leader of Canada’s political environmental movement, Elizabeth has a unique perspective on the conference, and what role Canada played in it.

We also talk about the possibility of an upcoming Federal Election, and what that means for the Green Party.

Elizabeth is also a practicing Anglican, and is taking online theology classes to become a minister. We discuss the role that spirituality plays in her life.


Jan. 31 – Nick Boxer – Writer and Producer of “Captain Planet”

1 02 2011

The Power is Yours!

The brainchild of Ted Turner, Captain Planet was a cartoon that aired on cable in the early 90’s.  The show was the first environment based cartoon and revolved around the adventures of five youth who each episode would solve a new environmental disaster. In times of need they could call on the superhero Captain Planet, who could harness all the powers of the elements to save the planet from evil polluters.

Nick Boxer was one of the main writers and producers on the show. He also wrote the famous Captain Planet theme song. We will discuss the role of education in cartoons, the legacy of Captain Planet, as well as the difficulty it was as a writer to convey complex environmental issues to young audiences.