June 20th – Tall Tree Interviews & Brian Thomas

18 06 2011

We’re a week away from the 2nd annual Tall Tree Music Festival in Port Renfrew!

I got together with Mike Roma today, one of the events organizers (and Quoia band member) to get the low down on Tall Tree. Basically, its going to be two days of rockin Vancouver Island music performed in one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Port Renfrew’s wild and rugged West Coast. We talked about the festival’s emphasis on environmental awareness,  some of the cool art installations that they’ll have, and why this festival is like no other you will go to this summer.

Playing for the first time at Tall Tree is Carmanah, a local Victoria band whose music will sooth your ears with their melodious “Folk Rock World” tunes.  On a sunny Thursday in the Fernwood square, Pat and Laura talked about how some of the band members met (at last years Tall Tree!), and how they came up with their name (a 10 hour mud-wrestling competition, winner decides….not, but that would be unreal!). This is an up-in-coming band you do not want to miss!

Aaaaand last…but not least (and unrelated to Tall Tree), is Brian Thomas, an expert in the the financial and insurance-related aspects of global climate change. He worked with a wide range of organizations as a climate consultant, such as: Swiss Re, Meryl Lynch, The Nature Conservancy, and the City of New York; he is also the author of Climate Change adaptation in 2010, as well as author of the Carbon Based blog.

Over the phone from Connecticut, we discussed the economic ramifications caused by increasingly recurring climate disasters, and why global insurance companies are the first to pay head to these events.

Brian provided an interesting insight into an aspect of global climate change that we don’t often hear about.

Music being played this Monday?…all Tall Tree artists…Ohhhya.

Tune into Wild Orphans Monday at 1:00, on CFUV 101.9 FM to listen in!




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