About Us

Welcome to the site of the Wild Orphans, an environment and arts show on CFUV 101.9 FM in Victoria, BC. The name of our show comes from the poem “Wild Orphan” by Allen Ginsberg. The show is a collective, gaining interviews from a variety of contributors!

Victoria residents deeply care about the environment. They also believe that arts and culture are an essential ingredient for a thriving community. Wild Orphans combines the environment and art to create a diverse and alternative source of information – one that informs us, but also massages our creative sides.  The show is a meeting place of ideas, where a diversity of interviews gives the listener an insight into a wide range of issues concerning the modern citizen.

The show will provide in-depth stories on local arts and culture, especially those with limited exposure on mainstream media. Subjects will range from activists, poetry, politicians, spoken word, story telling and writing to painting, photography, professors,  philosophy of art, dance, history of art,  theatre, film and…Did we forget anything? Oh yes, it’ll cover exhibitions, galleries, bookstores and show openings – plus any other art form that comes to mind. It may even wander into more controversial topics like the recent censorship intentions of the federal government as they might affect arts and culture.


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